Joe Baumer

Achievement - details

Six Sigma - Green Belt

I earned my Six Sigma green belt in December 2002, after a number of succesful projects including a project which revolutionized the way our 6 international call centers measured call center statistics and performed annual employee evaluations.

Theatre Service Award

This award is given to the person who shows leadership and dedication in offering his services to the Theatre Department at Trinity High School.  Over my four years at Trinity we performed 8 different shows, each lasting 10 days.  We began stage design, sound set-up, and lighting configurations in August each year for a show that would open in November.  A "work-session" is held every Saturday until the show opens, and I can safely say I missed no more than 5 work-sessions over those four years. In addition, I was heavily involved with any other event which took place in Trinity's auditorium or involved any kind of technical work at Trinity.

Broadcast Journalism Award

This award is given to the person who demonstrates an understanding for each part of the broadcast journalism process along with the ability to share this knowledge with others. Personally, the guidelines for receiving this award went hand and hand with the skills and dedication I learned and developed in the Theatre program. My senior year in high school, I spent a lot of time in the Broadcast Journalism room (more commonly known as the TV studio).
In addition to directing over 80% of  our 10-15 (sometimes 25) minute daily broadcasts, I was involved with the creation of many video projects. Some of these projects included commercials, skits, and a professional shoot for an organization knowns as VIPS. In addition to managing these projects, I took it upon myself to educate others in the basic steps involved in each of these tasks. That knowledge and those early management skills earned me the Broadcast Journalism Award for 1996.