Joe Baumer

Employment history - details

In 2011, Syntellect officially changed it's name to Enghouse Interactive. I began with Syntellect in 2006 as a Project Manager. In that role my primary function was customer satisfaction through the on-time implementation of new, high-quality IVR applications. My technical expertise, telecom background, and IVR specific knowledge made me an automatic fit for this role. I utilize my experience with voice-related technologies (VoIP, ASR, IVR, VoiceXML, TTS, CTI) to assist customers and internal resources through the design phase.

As a director, I continue acting as customer advocate, coordinating with the Project Management Office (PMO) to ensure the implementation team is working to meet project schedules and delivery quality contact center applications to our customers. My staff consists of 20 reports located in multiple cities throughout the United States. It is my responsibility to track project revenue recognition and billing to accurately forecast and exceed quarterly goals. I also perform consultative services in the areas of VUI design, capacity planning, quality assurance testing and product implementation.

I began with Pomeroy in 2004. I was responsible for telecom and networking for the company’s headquarters and 26 branch offices (POTS, VoIP, MPLS network)I wrote and supported call center applications on the Cisco IPCC Express 4.x platform and managed campus telephony via Call Manager 4.xThe 1st IPCC application I developed with Pomeroy was an automated IVR call flow which reduced agent-handled calls by 27% overnight. I reduced capital expenditure by $250,000 in my 1st 6 months through the use of Cisco IP telephony capabilities (Eliminating individual branch costs)Through improving relationships with their existing telecommunication vendors (Issued RFPs, renegotiated contracts, set expectations), I was able to reduce telephony costs and increase vendor service levels.I engineered and deployed Cisco telephony and networking for new call center construction in 2 locations to increase up-time and provide site redundancy within budget.

I began with GE in 1999 as a Consumer Specialist. I answered incoming telephone calls from consumers all over the world. I became an integral team member at the very start of my employment with GE. While in training I helped develop some of the tools used to train all new employees who have followed. One specific tool allows a specialist to check product inventory more efficiently. Less than 6 months from my hire date, I developed a productivity tool for a team within the Answer Center known as STC (or Support the Consumer). STC is a team of specialists trained to review the service calls that are scheduled on a daily basis and make outgoing calls to support the consumers that have basic use and care issues that can be resolved right over the telephone. This eliminates an unnecessary service call, saving time and money for both the business and the consumer. In April of 2000, I was invited to the STC team. Within 6 weeks of joining the team, I became heavily involved in the operations of the team. I assumed responsibility for the management and maintenance of the scheduling for all 30 members of the team. In addition, I am one of two people who created, designed, and maintain a database that tracks the STC team's data. I was also a member of the GEAC Demo Team. The Demo team demonstrates all of the functions of the Answer Center's computer system to visitors from all over the globe, live or using internet technology. I was also on the design team for "Ask Our Team of Experts" which is the GE Appliances troubleshooting web site, where we have designed several hundred HTML documents to answer questions about major appliances.
In October 2000, I was promoted to an Operations Developer position and transferred to Phoenix, Arizona. In this position I became a key member of the leadership team and the primary point of contact as GE expanded the Answer Center to the Phoenix location. I have helped design several productivity tools including an attendance tracking program and a CTI based phone console which communicates between the end user and the Avaya telephone switch. In addition to assisting the training team with Answer Center training for each new hiring group, I was also heavily involved with assisting the I/T department with expanding their call center support capabilities. While the average supervisor had 23 direct reports, I was responsible for over 40 employees. As a team, they were consistently ranked number 1, having the best statistics within the GE Answer Center.

In March 2002, I transitioned to I/T and took the role of Technology Analyst. In that role, I collaborated with external vendors and internal headquarters staff to learn and deploy new Voice over IP technology, enabling GE to have the first 100% VoIP call center in Arizona. I lead the telecom installation and ACD call routing design as we relocated our call center under significant time constraints. I earned my Six Sigma Green Belt through the completion of Six Sigma projects and assisted peers with project completion, personally contributing to the increase of site certifications by 3 people. My last project at GE was the upgrade and development of an IVR backbone for their customer facing call centers. I was heavily engaged in the RFP process and vendor selection. I developed the VUI for several IVR applications and worked as the project manager through their implementation. I worked closely with the vendors to ensure a fast-paced delivery and high quality products.

I began employment at Papa John's in March of 1997. In the first two months of my employment, the General Manager recognized my leadership qualities, responsibility and dedication to the company. They asked me to become an Assistant Manager. In my first few months I focused on improving basic operations, building sales, and collecting on large outstanding accounts. As an Assistant Manager at Papa John's, you are often transferred to different locations throughout the company as the urgent need for an assistant arises at another store. These transfers allowed me to work in a college campus environment, a business district, a hotel populated environment, and neighborhood of all sorts.
In July 1998, I was promoted to Manager Designate at the Tates Creek South location in Lexington, KY. I was an instrumental member of the management team which helped to open this brand new location in March of 1998. Personally, I was very heavily involved in the final few days of construction - pushing contractors to complete their work on time. I also coordinated the Grand Opening of the new store. As the Manager Designate, I basically held all the responsibilities of the General Manager as my primary purpose was to assist him in the operation of the restaurant while being evaluated for an available General Manager position.
Before we changed the Safety & Security program, I was also the Market Safety & Security Coordinator for the entire Lexington market. The Lexington market consists of twelve stores including Frankfort, Winchester, Georgetown, Richmond, and Nicholasville.
As the Safety & Security Coordinator for the market, I was in charge of ensuring that we maintain the safety of our employees and our customers throughout our Lexington stores. I was responsible for visiting each store at least once a month and evaluating their performance in regards to our Safety & Security standards. I handled any issues, major problems, or complaints regarding the safety of our customers and employees. I also handled initial claims, immediate responses, and provide the proper procedures for resolving any problems. Furthermore, I held a monthly meeting attended by each store's individual safety coordinator in an effort to communicate any information and improve our overall injury and robbery prevention methods.
In December 1998, I was promoted to General Manager of the Georgetown, KY location. My duties included (1) Ensuring compliance with operational standards, company policies and federal, state, and local laws. (2) Monitoring and facilitating sales and profit performance of the restaurant. (3) Interviewing, hiring, training, coaching and counseling team members. (4) Managing customer complaints to build brand loyalty. Along with these come maintaining cash management, customer satisfaction, product quality, and employee happiness. Some of my other duties included advertising, computer maintenance, Profit and Loss paperwork, and the efficient running of a shift. At Papa John's, People Are Priority #1 Always, and it is the General Manager's responsibility to guarantee that the Stock Holders, Consumers, and Employees are 1st priority.

I started out at Kroger as a bagger in April of 1994, I left in September for 6 months due to my heavy involvement in Technical Theatre at Trinity High School and academic responsibilities. I returned to quickly become a cashier, followed by a front-end supervisor and very shortly being termed a "managerial assistant." As the managerial assistant, I would perform many jobs that were not specifically classified to any area. This consisted of changing prices, building displays, or doing minor repairs and maintenance. In addition, when we were dealing with a lack of help in a department, I would work that position. Some of these jobs were Office Supervisor, Meat Department Clerk, Produce Clerk and Deli Clerk. I sometimes worked these jobs in double shifts so that we were able to get the work accomplished that needed to be completed for that particular day.

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